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We investigate, we innovate and we invest in technology to improve the efficiency in all the health processes and to offer human, personalized, efficient and high quality assistance.

Online Clinic

By means of our online Clinic, our doctors can consult and receive advice of the best experts and specialists about any pathology, diagnosis or treatment.

The online Clinic is an online medical center of knowledge for all our health professionals, which allows them to be perfectly prepared to offer, everywhere and any time, the right diagnosis and the best treatment.

Online Medical History

Mutual Universal has an online medical history of each patient. Thanks to this system, we can organize and update the medical information of all our patients and be able to have access to it from any of our health centers.

On one hand, this system allows us to have all updated information ready to be used for future diagnosis and treatments to be done. On the other hand, it makes easier the sick leave follow up and its evolution. And at the same time, it improves the coordination of the different professionals involved in the medical process and therefore, this contributes to achieve a better and quicker patient’s recovery.